Training Board

Learn to Develop a Relationship with your Horse

European Equestrian Tradition in Picturesque Setting


Mythos Farm of Hopewell is an ideal learning setting for those interested in world class equestrian education, ethical training and compassionate care. The training board advantages offered by the farm are unique to the local area.  With over 20 years accumulated experience in horse management, care and training there is a high priority on equine education and wellness. For horse owners whose priority is well being for their animal, we will provide that peace of mind. We offer top quality training board and all horses are welcome.

Our staff is trained to handle stallions, foals and horses with different temperaments and physical issues. The owners/trainer manage the farm full-time and live on the premises.  Personnel are on the property 24 hours a day.   We are experienced with horse health and personally attend to each horse’s individual needs.  The farm culture and harmony is preserved by the training priorities and values upheld by Dr. Maria Katsamanis. The consistency of the care, handling and farm atmosphere here is to ensure a peaceful and secure environment for horse and human alike.

This is a training facility that promotes the wellness of the horse via classical training methods. Whether one’s goal is a safe trail ride, continuing their journey with dressage, working equitation, jumping or simply knowing one’s horse is comfortable in what we ask them to do, a training program can be customized to address you and your horse’s needs.   Trailer-ins for lessons are welcomed.  Full training boarding NJ.

If you happen to catch her with her horses and she doesn’t know you are around she is always singing to them, and if she trusts you she sings in front of you smile that must be her secret weapon! Reminds me of a greek muse or something lol It’s a priviledge to have her in my horses life. She understands them deeply AND she cares about seeing owners connect…not just her. I have yet to meet a professional that is as talented but can break things down (for those who care to listen). My horse was a basket case at another FEI’s trainer before I met her. She came recommended and I was hesitant to work with her because she does not formally show. Thank GOD I did not listen to them. Horses transform with her. It’s weird…but i’ve seen them over and over and she takes normal everyday horses to look beautiful She says they are masterpieces. she is right!

Joanna Dupres  

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