About Mythos Farm

012.jpgMythos Farm of Hopewell, Classical Equestrian Tradition

Mythos Farm is honored that the town of Hopewell is where we call home.  When our mission here is to promote the complete physical and mental wellness of our horses there is no name more fitting than Hopewell.  Our hope is that here at Mythos Farm we can provide you with the compassionate, ethical, and classical education that you and your horse expect from us and deserve.

Why "Mythos"?

An excerpt from Karen Armstrong's book, Sacred Nature, is a good explanation for our name, Mythos. In our work with horses, we are exploring some of the elements captured in this word - timeless, psychology, rituals, and meaning - but all within the discipline of equestrian arts. 

At our farm, in the way we work with horses and humans we create micro miracles.  Something magical happens as horses transform physically and mentally - "Creating Magic One Horse At a Time".

Karen Armstrong Quote

"For most of human history, there were two ways of thinking, speaking and acquiring knowledge about the world: mythos and logos.' Both were essential to comprehending reality: they were not in opposition to one another but complementary modes of arriving at truth, and each had its special area of competence. Mythos, was concerned with what was considered timeless.  It looked both back to the origins of life and culture and inward to the deepest levels of human experience." 

Sacred Nature, Karen Armstrong