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On-site trainer, caring for your horse full-time.

Horse Training, Lessons, Clinics, Sales

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For year round training, riding, lessons, clinics

First Class Facilities

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On-site trainer, caring for your horse full-time.

Taught by Top Professional

Training & Horsemanship


A Commitment to Equestrian Excellence

When you see our logo-the horse head Greek key symbol, know that we are dedicated to compassionate care and ethical horsemanship education.

More About Dr. Maria


Dr. Maria Katsamanis Interviewed by

American Lifestyle Magazine visited to interview Dr. Maria Katsamanis about her approach to and philosophy about training horses and people. Watch the videos to learn about Dr. Katsamanis.


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The Mythos Tack Collection

The Mythos Tack Collection is an extension of our priorities - the wellness and comfort of horse and rider. You can learn more about this elite customized tackline.

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“The ideal relationship between a horse and a human would be a place where they are both physically and mentally comfortable. I have deep respect and admiration for my friend, Dr. Maria Katsamanis. Her sensitivity to the horse, her compassion and above all, the regard she has for a horse’s dignity, are unique and hard to find in the world of horse sport. I usually don’t do this but reading as many FB posts as I do, written by people who are unhappy with the care and training of their horses, here is a recommendation for a trainer who will help your horse to a remarkable place in life and help you in developing the kind of relationship you have always dreamed of having with your horse and partner.”   Ralph Suarez