Training Philosophy

Learn to Develop a Relationship with your Horse

Our Philosophy of Horse Training

Horse training at Mythos Farm is unique because of our approach and philosophy towards building a relationship between the horse and human.  We build a horse’s training foundation upon classical French and Greek principlesThese training methods have proven successful to numerous horses and riders across various riding disciplines. These techniques can be beneficial whether your pursuit is dressage, western riding, improved jumping, driving, endurance or experiencing a safer more fulfilling trail ride.

Maria works with riders in every discipline and with different breeds, all with identical objectives in mind – the physical and mental wellness of the horse. Maria is commitment to the welfare of the horse and can meet different budgets for individuals looking for instruction and training. Horses deemed as “difficult” are welcomed; we are experienced with stallion handling. 

Maria’s philosophy and training techniques are detailed in her book, The Alchemy of Lightness is available for purchase.

Maria has a longstanding commitment to studying equine and human physiology which is central in her training methods. Training focuses on the self-carriage of the horse and rider. Only in balance and relaxation can the correct muscle formation occur, physical blocks be dissipated and mental communication be facilitated. Each horse is treated as an individual and their education is tailored to their personality and physical profile – all with a solid foundation in a classical French recipe.

When meeting a horse, Maria sees a blueprint of what it will look like when the muscling, balance and comfort are established. The challenge of working with different breeds has allowed her to consider the physical and mental aspects of training in a completely novel way. Breathing behavior is a cornerstone feature for both the horse and the human. As a clinician, she often utilizes her background in biofeedback and psychophysiology to “connect” humans with their own body signals. She has a deep passion and dedication to the well-being of the horses, preserving their dignity and advancing the art that is elegant and timeless.

maria horseCome Join Our Horse and Riding Clinics

All of our clinics are oriented towards improving your relationship with your horse and developing a stronger awareness of how to connect with, care for, and grow into more healthy horsemanship.  Clinic topics include:

  • What is Kindness to the Horse?
  • French Classical Tradition as a Method to Lightness
  • Ground Work What to look for before you ever get on a horse
  • The Lost Art of In-Hand Work
  • How Your Body Tells On You
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Common Pitfalls

Clinics, lessons and training packages are entirely customizable. If you are interested in attending one of Dr. Maria Katsamanis’ clinics, please visit the News page for a current list of dates.  Subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of new dates and locations as they become available.  

We are accepting horses and riders for training and instruction. Please contact us to inquire about sales, training packages, attending an upcoming clinic or arranging a private clinic. Get in Touch!

"Since I started to work my horses under Maria’s way something has changed in my relationship and my approach to them, now I know that they are ready to show you and give you full trust when we treat them with kindness and looking always for their comfort and happiness."

Mario Calcagno from Barcelona, Spain

"Remembering H when he first arrived. What a difference !!! Dr. Maria I have seen you transform horses over and over again. Congratulations Trainer of the Year Dressage DVHA !!!"

Helene Hylander